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Flexpress is an online printer for print professionals. We specialise in all types of books and booklets: case-bound, PUR perfect bound, wire-o bound and stapled. In fact if it's got pages - we've got it covered!

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In-house or outsource?

For a general printing company, producing the diverse array of products your customers may need can be both expensive and challenging. So now, more than ever, it makes good sense to outsource the products you can’t print or finish efficiently within your own team.

Better still, you can take advantage of, instead of having to compete with, the extremely competitive pricing available in the market caused by overcapacity.

The secret to successful outsourcing

The mind-set for a company selling all kinds of print to all kinds of client is often to try to find one company that can supply all of their needs but print production is a different way of thinking to print management.

Savvy print buyers understand that no ‘one’ printing company is all things to all people. Instead they build up a close network of key specialists who have the core capabilities to produce the products they need, without compromise.

The jack of all trades is rarely the master of any

For many years, the focus within print manufacturing has been the opposite of manufacturing in other industries. Printing is a somewhat fragmented industry, with a lot of small companies serving diverse, but generally local markets, and for many years, the trend has been to keep as much in-house as possible by cramming in as many machines as you can physically squeeze in.

Even now you see online printing companies with product menus which take you a fortnight to navigate but are they really any good at all that stuff?

The new way of thinking

If building a network of extremely capable print specialists’ appeals to you, then checking out our website www.flexpress.co.uk will no doubt, pleasantly surprise you.

We don’t profess to be the biggest, and we certainly don’t do everything, but the core range of products on which we focus, we do incredibly well.

When it comes to all types of book, booklet and manual; whether case-bound, PUR perfect bound, wire-o bound, spiral-bound or saddle-stitched we’ve got them covered! Likewise for presentation folders, which, aside from arguably the best value in the UK, we have over forty standard templates including glued, interlocking, single and double pocket, with and without capacity.

But it doesn’t stop there. Check out our range of business cards which include a choice of 9 laminated finishes, raised spot UV and raised metallic foils. Or for folded leaflets, our range includes more materials and folding styles than any of the big five UK printers.

With both LED UV lithographic up to SRA1 and the B2 HP Indigo 12000 we’re equipped to cope with most quantities but where you’ll find us most competitive remains on relatively short runs: anything from 1 – 1000+ is where we’re hardest to beat.

Unusually, and despite our competitive prices, we never gang or batch two jobs together. All our focus goes into one job at a time.

And better still, we’re trade only and serve our clients both directly and through our sophisticated website where print professionals can benefit from unique and advanced features. Why not check it out?


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Address: Interchange, 6 Coal Cart Rd, Birstall, Leicester LE4 3BY

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